Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creating Smaller Strepts

One of the talks I am really looking forward to at Convention is the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association (GHA)Wednesday night [8:30-10:00 PM] program, "Creating Smaller Strepts." This talk is open to all. Imagine companion plants for mini Sinningias and AVs! Strept fans take note of this really interesting trend in Strept hybridization! Pictured is 'Heartlands White Gold,' hybridized by Dale Martens. The whole plant is about 8" in diameter, the size of one leaf on a good sized Strept. My photo skills are especially challenged by white flowers, but it gives you an idea!


  1. very funny that we were both thinking about the same thing!

    We should get to see some new hybrids made with Sinningia sp. 'Rio das Pedras' as well!

  2. Meeting is Wednesday from 8:30-10:00 PM, not Tuesday. - Brian